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The Future of Tron Cryptocurrency : Brief Review And Analysis

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

There are many 2nd tier cryptocurrencies are available in the market today. Tron cryptocurrency is one of them. When you are going to invest in cryptocurrencies like Tron you must aware of the future of that cryptocurrency. Now the question arises. What is the future of such cryptocurrencies?

The answer is not as simple as you think. You have to go into deep analysis of a cryptocurrency on which you are going to invest your money. If you don’t analyze the various angles of that cryptocurrency, the chance would be you can lose your money choosing the wrong cryptocurrency.

Today I will go deep into Tron cryptocurrency. Which is a tier-2 crypto but with time it is making a decent place in cryptocurrency market.

Review and Analysis of Tron Cryptocurrency

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Birth and History

Tron cryptocurrency is established in 2014 by Raybo in Beijing. Raybo is the 1st China’s Internet technology company in the blockchain industry of China.

Here is the Roadmap of Tron Cryptocurrency from 2014 to 2018

March 2017 – Raybo is established in Beijing

July 2017 – Tron Foundation is established in Singapore

December 2017 – Tron launches its open source protocol

March 31, 2018 – Tron launches TestNet and the Blockchain Explorer & Web Wallet

April 2018 – Letter to the Tron Community on Super Representative Elections

May 31, 2018 – TRON launches MainNet

June 25, 2018 – The Genesis block has been created with the consensus of Tron community

The Market Cap

Tron cryptocurrency is being popular with time. The evidence is it has a huge market cap with a small time.

In December 2017 Tron cryptocurrency has a market cap of $292,723,000 and now when I am writing this article it has the market cap of $14,760,400,000 which is a huge progress within just 18 months.

So, if you are worried about the future of this cryptocurrency, this amount will motivate you to invest in Tron. Do you know? Within 5 years digital currencies capture the whole online market and Tron will be a big part of that revolution.

The market cap of Tron itself says that it would be the game changer of future cryptocurrency market.

If we compare the market cap of Tron with other cryptocurrencies like dogecoin it is 414 million dollars right now which not much more than Tron cryptocurrency. For an investment purpose, Tron is far better than many 2nd-tier cryptocurrencies.


The current value of Tron is $0.03861 which is quite low as considered to major cryptocurrencies. But for investment purpose. this time is right because you don’t have to invest a much amount to buy it.

Suppose if you want to by Bitcoin you have to invest $7394 for just 1 Bitcoin. Do you want to invest that amount on a volatile cryptocurrency? I think no. Though many of you are in favor of Bitcoin because it is the best cryptocurrency in the world today. But you are viewing one side of the coin. Owning Bitcoin demands a lot of money in your pocket. as well as today if it’s value is $7394 then is it not possible that tomorrow the price will fall down to much?

Quite possible.

most cryptocurrencies are decentralized so they are more volatile then physical currencies. This is the reason the price could be drop within a day in the crypto market.

So, why you would invest in a cryptocurrency which is acquired its highest position? Instead, investing in the alternate cheap cryptocurrencies which have a potential to grow fast in future is a good decision.

Tron is a low-value currency and day by day capturing the wide area of the market so investing in Tron is not a bad deal.


As I said above, volatility is the demerit of a decentralized cryptocurrency. But it is also the merit of a cryptocurrency. Volatility is the main factor behind the price of Bitcoin today.

If Bitcoin was not volatile then it would never reach above $7000. So volatility is the main ingredient behind the price hike and drop of a cryptocurrency.

Tron cryptocurrency is also a decentralized cryptocurrency so it is also volatile. The below evidence showed us how much volatile Tron is?

The value of Tron at Sep 2017 – $0.00235

The value of Tron at May 2018 – $0.30036

You can clearly see the difference in values. This is the volatility factor. Invest in a low-value high-performance cryptocurrency and generate much more income within just 1 year.

Tron Cryptocurrency Vs Others

There are many other cryptocurrencies like Tron then what is the main factor which alters Tron from other cryptocurrencies?

This question has been answered above. The volatility and popularity are interconnected with each other in case of cryptocurrencies. Price hike directly depends on how much popular the currency is in the market.

Tron drew a lot of attention from crypto traders in its initial period. And within a few months, it became popular on the internet. The result was the hike in price.

Within just 1 year we have seen 1000% increase in the price of this cryptocurrency.

So, for investment purpose, Tron cryptocurrency is a good choice than other cryptos. At least for the coming 2 years.

The Future of Tron Cryptocurrency

As you see that the craze of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day so in near future the future of any cryptocurrency is bright. Tron cryptocurrency is not an exception. As the rate of Tron is increased 1000 times within 12 months, you can easily imagine if you invest in Tron how much you can earn in a year.

Should you Invest in Tron Cryptocurrency or not

There are certain market risks involved with any investment. Especially for cryptocurrencies, we can’t guarantee where it’s rate go after tomorrow. 

But from the last year, the rate of cryptocurrency skyrocketed and who invested before the phenomena earned a decent income. It totally depends on you that should you invest on cryptocurrencies like Tron or not. Though the market is supporting 2nd tier cryptos a lot and you can analyze that by reading the historical data of any 2nd tier cryptocurrency.


If you will ask me genuinely I would suggest you invest in Tron cryptocurrency if you have few extra bucks in your pocket. But don’t aspect a more from the investment. Don’t invest a huge amount of $$$.

Just invest a few dollars watch the growth and then reinvest the currency again. continue this process until you reach the threshold which you wanna achieve.

Best of luck.

If you have any queries regarding Tron cryptocurrency, the comment box is waiting for you. Share this post with others to help them know what is a good 2nd tier Cryptocurrency.

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