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Top 19 Cryptocurrency Forums You Should Follow

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2020)

Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin experienced a meteoric rise in November 2017. After then it has been very popular investment alternatives around the world. Do you know, In 2016, the price of a bitcoin was around $710 and on February 2019, the exchange rate for a bitcoin is $3,890.

You can easily imagine how the cryptocurrency investment market is rising.

But investing in cryptocurrencies is also risky as it is not a government banknote and demand some technical knowledge to handle them. One more thing, as not any government rule over it – it’s extremely volatile.

You should be extra careful when inversing in cryptocurrencies. You need to get the technical knowledge of exchanges, wallets, mining and many more things when it comes to investing in cryptos.

So I’ve compiled top twenty-five cryptocurrencies forums here which can help you gain that technical knowledge which you need to invest in cryptos without loss. These platforms help you a lot regarding cryptocurrencies.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Cryptocompare Forum

Crptocompare is a leading website in the cryptocurrency industry. Here you can find some very helpful information on cryptos. This website also has a forum section for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The x-factor of this forum is it has separate sections for most of the cryptocurrencies starting from Bitcoin to Monero coin.

Checkout Cryptocompare forum

2. Bitcointalk Forum

Bitcointalk forum is the oldest forum in the cryptocurrency industry. Its created by Satoshi Nakamoto who had also invented BItcoin for us. If you are a Bitcoin lover then this forum has a lot of information for you. There are thousands of active members who regularly discuss the things about Bitcoin.

Though its a dedicated forum for Bitcoin lovers it has separate sections for other cryptocurrencies. The other benefit of this forum is its a multilanguage forum so you could find the contents in your native language.

Checkout Bitcointalk Forum

3. Quora

As you know Quora is the biggest question-answer platform on the internet it is a great resource for cryptocurrencies. You get a handful of information regarding cryptocurrencies here.

In case if you won’t find an answer regarding your query then just post a new question on this website and you get several answers from authentic sources.

Try this

4. The Cryptocurrency Forums

The cryptocurrency Forums is one of the largest forum in the cryptocurrency world. I really love its modern interface. Also, it has a lot of information on the cryptos to help you out in understanding the cryptocurrency market.

With thousands of active members, it is one of the biggest cryptocurrency forum.

Checkout TheCryptocurrencyForums

5. Masters of Crypto

Masters of crypto is running a pay to post campaign where you will get paid posting on the forum. You can get your payment in any cryptocurrency.

For information seekers, it is one of the best cryptocurrency forum where you can get some authentic information on cryptos as well as get paid.

Join here

6. Dash Forum

Dash Forum is the official forum of Dashcoin. Here you will find all the information about dash coin. If you don’t know about Dash coin then I want to tell you its one of the most popular coin in the cryptocurrency market.

In February 2019 its value was around $82. It’s a great option if you want to invest in affordable cryptocurrencies. Dash Forum will help you a lot in understanding Dash coins.

Join here

7. Bitcoin Garden Forum

Another popular forum for Bitcoin is Bitcoin Garden Forum. With thousands of userbase, it is one of the biggest cryptocurrency on the internet. Here you will find information about Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin mining, Faucets and many more useful things.

If you are a BItcoin lover then you must check out this forum once. The other benefit of joining this forum is it’s in multilanguage which means you will find information in different languages. So if you do not understand English, Bitcoin Garder is the best place for you.

Join Bitcoin Garden Forum

8. is an Indian cryptocurrency forum. But not only for Indians, but any Bitcoin enthusiasts can also join this forum and get some great knowledge on Bitcoins. However, it’s not has a big user base but its good to start with this forum.


9. All Crypto Talk

All Crypto Talk is one of the biggest cryptocurrency forum on the internet where you can find information on multiple cryptocurrencies. Especially if you are searching a good resource for Altcoin and BItcoin you must join this forum.

In this forum, you will find the information on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin etc.

Join this forum

10. Cryptorum

If you are finding information on recovering lost cryptocurrencies, INCX, FAF, AXC, Wallets(White Label) then check out this forum. Its the goldmine for those who want knowledge on these technical terms.

As well as in Cryptorum you can check out the news section for the latest news on cryptos.

Join here

11. Bitcoin For Beginners

Are you an amateur in cryptocurrencies?

If that is the case then you must join for the tons of information on Bitcoin suitable for beginners.

It’s not just a forum but a great resource and community for Bitcoin enthusiasts who are seeking the core knowledge on Bitcoins. You can say it a full package for Bitcoins.

Must check out this forum

12. Free Coin Talk

Are you searching for cryptocurrency faucets, bounties, giveaways etc?

Then check out Freecointalk as its dedicated to those who are searching for some free resources to collect cryptos without investment.

Join here

13. CryptoBi Cryptocurrency Forum

Cryptobi Forum is a general discussion forum for cryptocurrency lovers. I didn’t find any x-factor in this forum to pinch you to join this but if you want some general knowledge on cryptos it’s a good start.

Give a try

14. Reddit Bitcoin

As you know Reddit is one of the biggest social network and bookmarking site on the internet. It has a subreddit feature where people can start subreddits(groups) on dedicated topics.

The plus point of this social site is it’s very strict on spamming so what you find a great and filtered knowledge.

It has a subreddit on Bitcoin which is very popular among Bitcoin lovers, especially in the United States. You can also search for other cryptocurrency related subreddits for some authentic information on cryptos.

Join here

15. Cryptocurrencytalk

Cryptocurrency Talk is a fully professional cryptocurrency forum where you can find almost everything on cryptos.

It’s not just a forum but you can find many other features too like live price charts, articles, videos and other useful information. It’s a very authentic resource for cryptocurrency lovers.

Join here

16. Stack Exchange

Do you want information from the pros?

Then join stake exchange where professionals share information on almost every topic. However its much more popular among programmers but its a has dedicated sections for cryptos and Bitcoins. You can check out these sections for the information.

Its a question-answer forum like Quora where you can post your query on your topic and get authentic answers.

Check out here

17. LitecoinTalk

In February 2019 you have to invest around $45 for one Litecoin. That means its not a bad coin for investment. You can get all the knowledge on Litecoin on Litecoin Talk Forum.

Join here

18. has its own forum for Bitcoin investors where you can join thousands of other Bitcoin investors to get the knowledge on Bitcoins as well as for exchanges.

If you are a serious Bitcoin investor you should check out this forum.

Join here


Our last Bitcoin forum is

However, it’s a Russian forum which is obviously in Russian language but with Google translator, you can translate it into any language. It a great resource for Bitcoin lovers. As well as it has several other boards on other cryptocurrency topics such as cryptocurrency mining, crypto trading, faucets, scripts and program etc.

Check out this forum


Here you have encountered the most popular 19 cryptocurrency forums which can help you discover the world of cryptocurrencies. As you know that every investment has its own risk factors so it’s better to learn it before investing.

I think this article could help you find the best resources to gain knowledge of cryptos.

Share your thoughts in the comment below as well as share this article with your friends in your social circle. This will really appreciate me and give me the energy to write more useful contents.

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