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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of The Future [2019-2022]

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2020)

This article is all about the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the future [2019-2022]

We always love freedom and comfort. Right? And, cryptocurrencies provide us with that. Whether its the freedom from the centralization of the money where the cost depends on the respected government’s economy or handling a large amount of money in your physical wallet and bank accounts.

Believe me or not, we are slowly moving towards a totally decentralized economy where the governments won’t have rein over the money and ultimately the economy. The rise in cryptocurrency started around 8 years after launching the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. After then it is going upwards every day.

Let me tell you my bad luck

In 2010 I bought 1000 Bitcoins to purchase a product in an online marketplace. That time the Bitcoin price was around $0.08. You can calculate the price of 1000 Bitcoins with today’s value.

Though virtual money is highly unstable, they are rising in popularity day by day. One reason for that popularity is, of course, instability and volatility which make it highly profitable if you could predict the market. I have lost those 1000 Bitcoins. Today if I had those Bitcoins I would be a millionaire.

Investing in cryptos won’t hurt your pocket if you have some extra bucks to spare. I know buying Bitcoins is not possibles for many of us due to its high price. But you can also invest some alternative cryptocurrencies which are performing great today.

But what are the best cryptocurrencies to invest for future today?

Don’t worry I’have compiled Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of The Future in which you can invest to get best returns.

As in cryptocurrencies volatility is the most impacting factor short term investment will not give you better outcome then long term investments.

According to Naval Ravikant from Zcash Foundation

Predicting the long-term outcome is easier than the short-term.

The “Factors” Impact on the Price of Cryptocurrency Coins

There are some common factors which decide the price of the coin. Let us find those factors which potential to impact on the price of the cryptocurrencies.

The hype created around the cryptocurrency (Virtual and Real)

Oftentimes some cryptocurrencies get the hype on the internet for a short time usually 1 day to a few months. Whether its a virtually created hype by the influencers or a real one but it affects a lot on the price of the respected cryptocurrency.

So, I have already told you to go get some knowledge on cryptocurrencies to find the best time to open and close your deal. Hype can make you millionaire if you open/close your deal at a right time but if you fail then you will face the loss.

Software upgrade 

As cryptocurrencies are digital currencies the software and technology impacts a lot on their price. When the quality of network upgrades (block generation, transaction time, security etc) the price also rises. If you want to be a profession crypto trader you should develop a professional trader’s eye which always keeps on the upgrades and their implications.

Reliability of the wallet

You must aware of that it’s a digital currency and needs a good and reliable wallet which or you could lose your money due to wallet failure. Whether its offline hardware wallet or an online wallet you must always choose a good reliable wallet.

Governmental regulations

Today you are from a country which allows cryptocurrencies does not mean that it wouldn’t get banned in future. Ban impacts a lot on the price of a cryptocurrency. Venezuela is good examples of that.

Platform Applications

Some cryptocurrencies have their own dedicated apps which might have their own tokens. If those apps perform well then the price may impact positively and causes price hype.

10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest for Future

Now you have a better understanding of the facts affecting the price of cryptocurrencies. Let me review those top 10 cryptocurrencies which would perform well in near future.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

bitcoin future graph

Bitcoin Market Cap: $68,060,957,201 USD

As you know Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency it will likely to rein the market in near future also. There are three main reasons why Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

  • Institutional money
  • The potential global financial crisis
  • Fast adoption rate

Bitcoin has now become the love for a lot of institutions who are making their investments in Bitcoin hoping that it can pay off them in the future. As well as the Lightning Network adds add great value to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Starts from 2008 it has touched $3800 in Feb 2019 which likely will rise fluently in near future. Investment experts say that the expected growth of Bitcoin would be 200% over two years. Which means you have to invest $13,000-14,000 in 2020. In fact, some experts say that it would grow up to $27,000 in 2020.

So Bitcoin is my first recommendation if you want to invest in cryptos.

2. Ripple (XRP)

ripple xrp future graph

Ripple Market Cap: $13,056,733,241 USD Team mentioned in their latest article that Ripple will rise up to $0.42. XRP in upcoming months. Where says that it would go up to $1.20. Walletmaster claims that it could rise up to 380% which means its a great alternative of Bitcoin in terms of investment.

The is no secret that XRP is going to be the king of banking infrastructure. There are rumours that Ripple has established a partnership with Western Union if this is true then it would change the whole infrastructure of SWIFT network.

All the above reasons Ripple is one of the strong alternatives for Bitcoin in future.

3. Ethereum (ETH)

ethereum coin future graph

Ethereum Market Cap: $14,202,879,719 USD 

As Ethereum uses one of the major dApp development platforms it’s hard to get pessimistic prediction by the cryptocurrency specialists. If the current network fails to handle the transaction load things can dramatically change.

Due to the Blockchain 3.0 and 4.0 which creates problems to Ethereum, the developers need to improve its scalability or they could also jump to EOS to ensure better performance.

As you know that Ethereum uses dApp platform it hard to predict its future price as total block supply is unknown. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum says that in near future there will be ~100 mln ETH circulate and the market cap will rise up to $1,137,500, 000,000 that means $11,375 per coin and 4,000 per cent growth from today.

4. Stellar (XLM)

steller coin future graph

Steller Lumen Market Cap: $1,607,823,652 USD 

You read above that Ripple has a partnership with Western Union and working towards transforming the SWIFT network that means it’s going to be the main cryptocurrency in the main market. But Steller Lumen is considered as the main competitor of Ripple. Here is why?

Steller Lumen is going to capture,

  • remittance payments,
  • ICOs on Stellar,
  • decentralized exchanges, such as SDEX,
  • cross-border payments for small banks.
  • Lightning Network implementation

In near future, it will rise up to $0.64-$0.7 with 400% growth rate.

5. Litecoin (LTC)

litecoin future graph

Litecoin Market Cap: $2,967,892,477 USD 

Litecoin is continuing to conquering the market in near future. The technological superiority over Bitcoin makes it the main competitor of Bitcoin. As you know that Bitcoin can’t serve as a global payment network but Litecoin can do. Litecoin platform is made to share this network load globally.

The added benefit is Lightning Network. This technology can make it interchangeable with Bitcoin.

According to the specialists, Litecoin price can reach up to $80 in near future. They are sure that it will rise up to 440% and reach $234 by June 2020.

The above reasons ensure that Litecoin is another great cryptocurrency for investment in 2019.

6. EOS (EOS)

eos coin future graph

EOS Market Cap: $3,247,760,149 USD 

When it comes to investing in cryptos anyone feels some hesitation as cryptocurrencies are so much volatile. But EOS is the currency which will be a sure-fire way to raise your money in the near future.

There is the reason behind it. EOS is going to become the number one system for enterprise applications like Facebook, Uber and Twitter. They all are considering to shift their platforms to EOS based decentralized platforms.

This is a highly scalable coin and most of the Ethereum projects can be shifted to the EOS network. So EOS is going to be a gamechanger in near future.

If we call 2020 a golden age for EOS it won’t be wrong. In the middle of 2020, it would rise up to $95 and drop down to $55 in December 2020. Facebook’s prediction is it would rise up to  $60  and Google forecasts it $23.

7. Cardano (ADA)

cardano ADA future graph

Cardano Market Cap: $1,102,901,527 USD

Our next Coin to invest for the near future is Cordan. Goguen Project and KEVM testnet are the respected reasons in the growth of Cordano. After completion of Goguen Project, we may witness Cardano price hike like Bitcoins in the last quarter of 2017.

There is another reason which makes it the future coin that is the implementation in the Eastern Pacific including Japan. says that In 2020 Cardano price can rise up to $0.5.

8. Dash (DASH)

dash coin future graph

DASH Market Cap: $727,438,096 USD 

Dash coin is going to be the next-generation digital currency with the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) forked from forked from the Bitcoin protocol.

As you know even today the offline businesses couldn’t adopt the cryptocurrency transactions. This makes a huge gap between the online and offline market. Dash coin has been designed to solve this problem. With the instant transaction,s it will become the future cryptocurrency for offline stores and outlets.

humblest prognoses say that it would rise up to $451 in 2020 where while Google’s forecast is $1,280.

Above reasons and the price predictions ensure that Dash coin is a good option for investing in 2019.

9. Neo (NEO)

neo coin future graph

NEO Market Cap: $574,914,954 USD

Do you know that the world’s one of the biggest economy, China is going to put NEO significantly above all competitors when they will create “CrypoYuan”

Those revolutionary technologies underlying NEO make it the first choice for the Chiese government. Sure it’ll continue to grow in 2020 and further with record-breaking volumes. Chinese government guessed that the NEO ecosystem has the potential to grow as a major public infrastructure.

Investment from China and other enterprises help to grow $200 and $300 per token for this coin. forecasts that in near future NEO value will be $88 where Google forecasts around $78.


qash coin future graph

QASH Market Cap: $40,727,007 USD 

Our last cryptocurrency in this “Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of The Future” list is QASH. In near future QASH is going to be a convenient platform for both institutional and retail investors. Obviously.  the price of QASH will become higher. The features like trading Alts without messing into ETC/BTC exchange make it a great digital currency for institution and retailers.

The liquidity of its platform combines all major exchanges to easily trade with altcoins. Crypto researchers like forecast the rise of QASH token price up to $12 in mid-2020.

The proven team, presentation in exchange & banking sectors, regulation and tested platforms make it the future cryptocurrency to invest.


Factors like the upcoming global economic crisis implementation of cryptocurrency in major institutions worldwide contribute to rising in cryptocurrency value. Even rumours say that cryptocurrency is going to explode in 2019-20.

So, if you invest in top 10 cryptocurrencies today it will surely benefit you tomorrow. By investing in cryptocurrencies you can multiply your investment in the next two years.  In my opinion, don’t let this golden opportunity to slip from your hands just go and get your first cryptocurrency investment today.

If you have any question regarding this article feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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