How to Predict Bitcoin Future Price in 2019 [Bitcoin Price Pattern]

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2020)

In this article, I will give you the best guidelines to Predict Bitcoin Future Price in 2019. I think it would be very helpful to you as an investor.

Today everyone wants to invest in Bitcoin. As it has a great ROI, each and every tech-savvy investor want’s to invest in this. But the game is the cryptocurrency market is largely volatile and if you don’t have the deep knowledge of the factors affects the price of Bitcoin probably you are going to lose your money.

So, how do you get the idea on the future market price of Bitcoin so that you could get the best return by executing the trade at the right time?

This article is all about it. I will give you the fair knowledge of how Bitcoin price is calculated, the Bitcoin price patterns you should follow, how the big fishes manipulate the price of Bitcoin and how do you know when should you buy and sell your coins.

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First off…

How Bitcoin Price is Calculated

It’s not as difficult to understand the laws work behind the value of Bitcoin. It’s not new but very old law working for the price of any product starting from the evaluation of first civilization on earth.

The only principle works behind the price of Bitcoin is – The supply and demand.

I have read in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki 3 principles to be rich and one of those was,

Uderstanding the supply and demand of the prodcut to get the maximum benefit.

So, how the supply and demand works?

Let us take the example of gold. Why it’s very costly? Not just for its bright yellow color. The only reason is, it’s rare. The scarcity of gold makes it more costly than silver and other materials.

The same principle works with the value of Bitcoin. If you already know about blockchain technology and that the numbers of Bitcoin are limited in this world, you can easily get the idea of how the price of Bitcoin works.

Now you would ask me if Bitcoins are limited in numbers then why the price is so volatile?

The answer is, it’s not regulated by any government or authority. So it’s easy to create the manipulations in the price of Bitcoin by the big fishes.

In the sections below I will tell you how the big Bitcoin investors use this principle to get maximum benefit and how you can use it to pour your hand in this running water and get huge ROI.

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How Influencers Manipulate the Price of Bitcoin

As you know, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are independent of any governing body and the whole world of cryptocurrency works by the decentralized technology. That means nobody can rule it.

Influencers use this advantage to manipulate the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and get huge benefit by trading at the right time.

So, the question would arise in your mind, who are the influencers?

Bitcoin influencers are just like the real world’s top businessmen. In the course of time, they have acquired a big part of the limited treasure of Bitcoin. They use the power of the big part of this treasure to manipulate the price of Bitcoin.

As you know from the upper section, the price of anything depends upon the supply and demand. Now what the influencers do is whenever they want to drop the price of Bitcoin they sell their treasure of Bitcoin.

As they started selling Bitcoins in large quantity, this performs the increase in supply, as a result, the price drops in a few days.

Now, when they see the price is dropped, they started buying in the dropped price. That’s the heck.

Let see the process with an example,

Suppose the current price of Bitcoin is $3500 today.

Now the influencer sells 1000 Bitcoins that means he gets $3,500,000‬.

Due to the huge supply, the price drops to $3000. Now that influencer performs the buying task at $3000 rate. At that time he would pay $3,000,000‬.

The ROI is = $500,000‬.

In the image below you can see the huge price hike which is occurred in 2017 which indicates most of the big fishes bought most of the Bitcoin and then you see a sudden price drop that means they sold the same with a higher price.

bitcoin chart history

This image also indicates that most of the big fishes knew themselves and did this with their mutual consent.

“Bitcoin Price Pattern” Repeating Itself

In November 2017 the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, but when you see another small rise that was occurred in January 2014 it will be clear that the pattern of rising and fall becomes the same. In the above image, you can see that small rise in 2014 when the same thing happened. Investors bought Bitcoin in heavy quantity.

So, it’s very crucial for you to keep your eyeballs into the chart so that you could be able to predict the pattern in advance.

If you want huge success in long term Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading, you must be able to predict the rise and file pattern in advance.

How to Understand the Future Price drop

So, how can you understand the future price drop for Bitcoin?

It’s not as much hard as you think, however as its directly related to your investment so you must be careful before buying and selling Bitcoin.

First of all, you have to understand that in 2019 the quantity of mined Bitcoin is more than 2014 so the rise was small in 2014. As each and every day new Bitcoins are mined the quantity is increasing.

So, how much the price will rise in the future before the drop?

See the graph below.


bitcoin price drop

The line in the chart shows that the future price hike is started and soon it will touch the line. When it touches the line, you should sell your Bitcoins to get some real money.

However, you need to keep your eyes on the price chart so if the price starting to drop, wait for some days and when you see the price can go lower then your immediately sell your Bitcoins. But in my prediction, the price will touch the line soon and its the best time to invest in Bitcoin.

How to Get Huge ROI: The Influencers Strategy

Investors always go with the above formula and get huge benefit selling their Bitcoins at the right moment. As Bitcoin is heavily volatile, you need to keep your eyes each and every day on the chart or you could face the loss.

Bitcoin price hike and drop are just like a chain reaction which starts here…

Few big fishes in the market start buying Bitcoin in heavy amount >> Other big investors guessed that few of them are buying >> they also perform that action >> And suddenly the price hikes >> Bitcoin vanished from the market and demand skyrockets >> Some days pass and the increased price remain the same >> Big fishes see there is no more rise in price >> They started selling their Bitcoin in that price >> As a result the supply rise in the market >> Price drops

If you too play with this strategy I’m sure you will get home with a huge profit.

Conclusion: How to Predict Bitcoin Future Price

Well, here was the influencers strategy to predict Bitcoin future price and how you could get the maximum benefit of investing in Bitcoin. However, sometimes this strategy can’t work but most of the time, you can get back home with benefit.

The most important thing is you should keep your eyes to the chart every day otherwise you could miss the opportunity and that wait for a few months or even years to get the maximum benefit.

If you have any questions regarding this strategy, comment below. I will be very happy to answer your questions.

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