Lapo Coin (LAX): A Swiss Cryptocurrency [Brief Introduction]

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

Today I’m gonna write an article on the future of Cryptocurrency. Yes, Crypto’s future is bright like a shining star in the sky. Because now many countries are going to launch their digital money. Switzerland even launched their Cryptocurrency “Lapo Coin“.

Day by day Cryptocurrency is possessing online and offline markets. Even governments of different countries are not insulated with the impact of cryptocurrencies. Governing bodies are now realizing its power. As a result, many countries are in preparing themselves to jump off in the world of Cryptocurrencies.

Switzerland has now launched his own digital currency “Lapo Coin” and in this article, you will get all the details of Lapo coin.

So let’s Begin

How LAPO (LAX) Coin saves users against artificial volatility

cryptocurrency volatility

As you know cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Altcoin etc are highly volatile and the fluctuation of their rates highly unsustainable. Thus, there are more risks in trading these highly volatile coins.

Although, some cryptocurrencies like “Abra” are more sustainable currencies. There are some processes which are applied to sustain the rate of those Cryptocurrencies. To sustain “Abra”, the smart contracts are used with Litecoin and Bitcoin. Using 2 currencies as an anchor enhance the stability of Abra.

Tether- another sustainable Cryptocurrency uses US dollars as a physical asset to sustain their rates. But it uses a centralized system so users have some risks in using a tether.

Switzerland government introduced “Stability Fund” to decrease the volatility of Lapo Coin. Thanks to Stability fund, which makes Lapo Coin the most stable cryptocurrency in the market.

So, do you wanna know how Lapo Coin stability Fund Works?

LAPO stability fund is an artificial intelligence which protects the user against artificial price volatility. It automatically analyses the market, social network, news and historical data and predicts before an artificial manipulation takes place.

Stability Fund uses “Seigniorage Shares concept” to maintain the stability of the coin. Stability Fund involved shareholders to the Lapo coin. In the process, the coins go through the auction based on the fluctuation value and the total supply. It helps maintain the desired value of the coin after fluctuation.

For example, assume 1 Lapo Coin has a value of 1 Dollar and due to the fluctuation the increment of the value of the coin is 20% and the total supply of the coin is 100. Then the stability fund sells the new coins worth the value of 0.20×100 to the prospective shareholders. This process increases the total supply to 115 and thus the value restored to 1 dollar again.

This is a better approach to make a Cryptocurrency stable rather than other processes like anchoring other cryptocurrencies.

Main features of LAPO Coin (LAX)

Fast transaction time

Lapo coin has fast transaction time than other cryptocurrencies. Lapo ePlatform which is powered by artificial intelligence makes it possible to reduce the transaction time dramatically. It works as a stable and reliable bridge between crypto finance and traditional finance worlds.

Lapo ePlatform integrates the acceptance of the Blockchain technology into the traditional currency which makes daily transactions simpler and faster. All the transactions associated with the ePlateform immediately converted to into the Lapo Coin and if you wanna reconvert Lapo to other currencies it will take less time then other cryptocurrency platforms.

The transaction time of Lapo coin in Blockchain network takes much less time than other decentralized cryptocurrency networks.

Highest privacy

Lapo coin uses decentralized Blockchain technology for the transactions so the privacy of the user is more than centralized Cryptocurrencies like Tether, Abra etc. Lapo coin is as secure as Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. Here you will ask me then what is the difference between Lapo and other decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Well, I already described the difference above. Lapo coin uses artificial intelligence to maintain the stability of the rate. Most other cryptocurrencies don’t have such artificial intelligence system along with decentralized technology.

Lyra2z  an ASIC resistant algorithm

The good news for Cryptocurrency miners is Lapo Coin supports ASIC resistance algorithm “Lyra2z” which snatched away the power of centralized mechanism of Big Companies. As Lapo coin uses Lyra2z, there is no more need to rely on big ASIC mining rigs. Anybody who owns a PC with some Nvidia GPU power can mine Lapo joining the mining pool.

IF we see towards the Bitcoin, it was mined by simple PC in its earlier age. But now without ASIC miner chain, there is no possibility of mining a Satoshi even. Thanks to Lyra2z algorithm, now new Cryptocurrencies are adopting it to dominate Big mining companies.

Lyra2z is an ASIC resistance algorithm which resists any ASIC mining hardware to mine Lapo and other Crypto coins who use this algorithm. It only supports mining by GPU and CPU power.

I think it is great news that Lapo coin which is a digital currency of a government adopted this algorithm to support small miners.

Next level Aliasing system

Lapo Coin uses the next level aliasing system which is designed to protect users from phishing, spoofing and other kinds of fraudulent. It is very secure to use anywhere. The artificial intelligence behind the infrastructure secure the transactions done by users.

Although this system is under development it will be live as soon as possible. After comes to work, it will be the first Aliasing system which defends users from fraudulent.

Atomic Swap functionality

Atomic swap is a smart contract technology with which the transactions are done between multiple currencies without using any centralized exchanges and other intermediaries.

In the atomic swap, transactions directly done between the Blockcians of the operating cryptocurrencies. There is no role of the main Blockchain in Atomic swap functionality.

Atomic swap first introduced in 2017 and became so popular as a milestone in the decentralized mechanism. Many cryptocurrencies are now using this technology to protect the privacy. Lapo coin is not an exception. It is also using Atomic swap functionality to power up the decentralized trading.

I think this is another good reason to own Lapo coin in your wallet.

Smart Contracts

Just like other decentralized Cryptocurrencies, Lapo coin uses smart contracts in transactions. So, whenever the transaction is processed, a smart contract in the form of computer code generates in the system and the contract processed without any third party involvement.

The advantage of Smart contracts is, there are no extra charges applied by the third person, the process is faster than the traditional system and also more secure.

Introduction to Lapo Bank

lapo bank

Switzerland government is going to establish Lapo bank in 2019. After establishment, it will be the 1st Cryptocurrency bank in the world. Lapo bank incorporates Lapo ePlateform with extended functionality.

The key service of the Lapo bank will be the Lapo trading platform where merchants can easily exchange from Lapo to fiat money, fiat money to Lapo and Lapo to other cryptocurrencies. Like other traditional trading platforms, Lapo Bank ensures the sufficient fiat and cryptocurrency reserves by limiting the daily and monthly exchange limit of merchants.

The second existing feature of Lapo bank is its loan facility. Lapo bank will be the 1st Cryptocurrency bank who is going to offer loans in fiat and Cryptocurrencies. This facility will be very useful for daily use of Cryptocurrencies.

ICO & Roadmap of LAPO Coin (LAX)

lapo ico

Here are the brief Roadmap and ICO of Lapo Coin

Q2 2017

Development of the concept behind LAPO ePlatform and LAPO Coin. LUI.IS GmbH Blockchain Lab started the development of the UX of the wallet

Q3 2017

Development of the first blockchain MVP based on Cryptonote began. We move from a Cryptonote Blockchain to a DASH Blockchain model. Design and UX of the ePlatform Began.

Q1 2018

The first version of the Website & the Lean White Paper finalized. The Alpha Network started to be tested internally.

19 FEBRUARY 2018

Official announcement in the Bitcointalk Forum. The Whitelist period began.

01st MAY 2018

Public presales start.

1st JUNE 2018

PUBLIC PRESALE ENDS. Blockchain Network will go Live. Distribution of LAX will start.

15 JUNE 2018


Q3 2018

LAPO Coin (LAX) will be listed in Exchanges. The release of the Mobile Wallet, API, Merchant Portal (Beta) & eGateway(Beta).

Q4 2018

The release of a Mobile wallet with a “contactless” payment system. The launch of the LAPO Trading Platform (Beta) and the LAPO Sale Point (Beta).

Q1 2019

The launch of the Mobile Business Wallet and the LAPO Tokenizor (Beta).

Q2 2019

New PoS algorithm implementation. Partnership with a POS company to integrate LAPO Sale Point Solution

Q3 2019

The launch of LAPO Smart Contract Platform (Beta). Implementation of Network v.2.0.


LAPO Blockchain AG will organize the 2nd LAPO Conference.

Q4 2019

Integration of the Transaction Protection using the LAPO Merchant Portal and Starting bank acquisition to create the LAPO Bank.

Update: As I have seen the curiosity among crypto users, I think Lapo coin will be a popular Cryptocurrency in 2018.


The Team Behind

lapo coin team

There is a big team behind the Lapo Coin 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Luis Franceschi

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer- Christian Albera

Chief Investor Relations Officer – Petros Tsiros

Chief Marketing Officer – Mariyam Seguias Alì

Co-Founder & Community Manager – Tayo Akintoye

Other Team Members

Lead Backend Developer – Silvio Rainoldi

Lead Mobile Developer – Christian Bianchini

Node.js Ninja – Gonçalo Margalho

Back-End Guru – Stefano Poncini

Business Development – Maryam Mehr

Support Manager – Dana Coliera

What’s the Future of LAPO Coin (LAX)

As we have seen that Lapo Coin is acting like the bridge between Fiat currency market and Digital currency market, it has the ability to make cryptocurrencies available for an average person.  Also, Lapo bank will be a milestone in cryptocurrency world with its hybrid trading feature and loan facility. As well as the ASIC resistant algorithm and the stability of Lapo Coin make it a noticeable Cryptocurrency in 2018.

Whats your thought on Lapo Coin? Comment below. Share this article with your friends as sharing encourages me to write more valuable contents.

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