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Top 14 Ways To Earn Bitcoin! [Tasted Methods]

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2020)

The world is adopting cryptos rapidly so we can say the future of cryptocurrencies is bright. So, earning in Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies is the best bet for us. In this article, I’m going to show you the top 14 ways to earn Bitcoin.

But first of some market news about cryptocurrencies.

According to Investopedia,

 “Market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is goin to explode over the next five years, with increase of $5-10 [trillion].”

In the next five years, cryptocurrencies are going to be the best alternative transactional currencies to fiat. You will use them in buying online and offline goods and services, investing and trading, and other transactional works. So, if you start earning Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from today then it will benefit you in tomorrow.

But how can you earn Bitcoins today? Well, I have collected the top 15 ways from where you can earn Bitcoins.

Let’s dig into the list…

1. Mine Bitcoins

The first and most old way to earn Bitcoins is through mining. So, what’s Bitcoin mining?

If you don’t know I would tell you that Bitcoin is just like gold. To get new Bitcoins in the market, we need to mine it. However, Bitcoin mining and gold mining is far different from each other. But the concept is the same. Bitcoins and gold both are limited in the world. Bitcoin is designed by Satoshi Nakamoto and it’s based on Blockchain Technology.

Now let us understand how Bitcoin mining works?

Apart from gold mining, Bitcoin mining is a digital process where computer processors are used to solving some mathematical puzzle to get Bitcoins. These puzzles are called Blocks and the peer-to-peer network of computers used to solve those puzzles is called blockchain. When one block is solved, the miner gets some Bitcoins.

You can be a Bitcoin miner, by installing the necessary hardware (ASIK Miners)  in your home and participating in the peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining network.

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Alternatively,  you can buy cloud mining slots to mine Bitcoins. In this approach, you don’t need to install physical mining hardware in your home. Just pay for the service and the cloud mining platform will do the mining for you with their hardware and reward you with the Bitcoins.

CCG Mining is the best could Bitcoin mining platform. Check out them

2. Offer service for Bitcoins

offer services for bitcoin

The second option that many online service providers are using is offering services for Bitcoins. If you are an existing online or offline service provider, you can accept Bitcoins against your services.

To receive Bitcoins against your services you just need a Bitcoin wallet and its public address which you have to share with your service buyers. If your buyer is capable of paying in Bitcoins you can approach them to send to your wallet.

You can use hardware wallets like Trezor to get Bitcoins against your services.

3. Offer Products for Bitcoins

If you have a physical or digital product that you are already selling, it’s easy to add an option to pay in Bitcoins against your product. It’s great for those individuals who are offering products like ebooks, software, and other digital goods as well as for those who are selling physical goods on the internet.

Even, if you have an offline store, you can use your Bitcoin wallet public address in your store to receive Bitcoins against the goods you are selling. It’s a way simple and secure.

Amazon is going to implement a Bitcoin payment gateway in their shopping cart to avail Bitcoin transactions. If you are an Amazon seller you can update your payment method to receive Bitcoins.

4. Gambling and Casino

I really don’t want to suggest this option to you. Gambling and Casino are not good ways to earn but I had to add them here because many Bitcoin earners are making hell out of money from it.

If you are familiar with Gambling and Casino, you can use Bitcoins to send and receive the payments. There are many Gambling and Casino sites available online where you can invest your Bitcoin for a huge profit.

Or you can walk to the Casinos to bet there are receive the payment in Bitcoins.

5. Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin Faucets are a nice way to learn How Bitcoin works. Actually, the goal of starting Bitcoin faucets is to educate the people with Bitcoins so that they get familiar with the concept and start investing in it.

The websites, offering Bitcoins faucets ask you to complete simple tasks to get satoshis (The smallest fragment of Bitcoin). However, this is not a great way to earn Bitcoin, you can use it to learn the concepts and earn some satoshis side by side without any risk.

Here are some of the good faucets websites you can join to earn some Satoshis.

  • Cointiply
  • FreeBitcoin.io
  • Moon Bitcoin
  • Satoshi Quiz
  • Bitcoin Aliens

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6. Bitcoin Trading

The best way to earn Bitcoin is by Trading Bitcoins against Fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Although, the success with this option needs a good trading experience and you have to be updated with the market news.

If you have good trading experience and able to forecast the future market changes this option will make you the hell out of money. Many Bitcoin traders are earning a huge amount of money with Bitcoin trading.

Even, some of them became a billionaire by adopting Bitcoin trading as their main income source.

Here are some of the best Bitcoin trading platforms you can join.

  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • Cex.io
  • CoinMama
  • Wirex
  • Bitit

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7. Investing in Bitcoins

Investing in Bitcoins is not so far then Bitcoin Trading. Both the options need to buy or sell Bitcoins against Fiat or other cryptocurrencies. The only difference between the both is in Bitcoin Trading, you take your decisions quickly to get a hand to hand benefit, where when you buy/sell Bitcoins for investment purpose, you hold the money for a long time and then trade it to get the maximum benefit.

If you are interested in Investing in Bitcoins you can use any of the websites listed above.

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8. Shop and earn free Bitcoins

shop and earn bitcoin

This option is becoming famous with time. There are several rebate websites available online which provides the chance to earn Bitcoins when shopping online.

Even, some of them tied up with big shopping websites where you need to use the coupon code that you are provided by the rebate websites. After buying the product you get your Bitcoin reward direct on the registered Bitcoin address.

Today many big websites like Aliexpress, Expedia, Newegg, Overstock, and Walmart are tied up with the site like Coin Rebates and Lolli to provide the rewards in Bitcoins.

So, if you frequently shop online its a great way you can earn Bitcoin while shopping.

9. Bitcoin Lending

bitcoin lending

Have you ever lend your money to anyone or lend for someone/financial institution?

I bet, you do.

Now there is a great option to lend money in Bitcoins from some of the Bitcoin lender platforms and marketplaces. Websites like btcpop.co

connect the lender and the borrower so that they both could get benefit while sitting at the front of their computer. BTCPOP offers a unique P2P Banking experience with Instant Loans, Investment Pools, Collateral Tied Loans & More.

The other service you can use is BitBond.

If you already have Bitcoins, you can invest it to Bitbonds and help businesses grow all around the world. In return, you get benefited with a profit margin. It’s a great option for Bitcoin investors to invest in a more secure place.

10. Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

If you are a tech-savvy people probably you already know about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing what where you tie up with service provider and product sellers to help them sell. You’ve been provided unique tracking links to market their products and when someone buys you are rewarded by a percentage or fixed money by the company.

Bitcoin affiliate programs are not different. You can join affiliate programs of Bitcoin investment companies, trading platforms, wallet service providers and several other things related to Bitcoins and start marketing the tracking links provided. When somebody buys the service or Bitcoin company rewards you in Bitcoin.

There are several services and platforms in Bitcoin niche you can join to earn in Bitcoins.

  • Binance (Exchange and trading platform)
  • Kraken (Exchange and trading platform)
  • Cex.io (Exchange and trading platform)
  • CoinMama (Exchange and trading platform)
  • Wirex (Exchange and trading platform)
  • Bitit (Exchange and trading platform)
  • Trezor (Hardware Wallet)
  • Ledger (Hardware Wallet)
  • Local Bitcoins (P2P Bitcoin Platform)
  • Bitbond (Bitcoin Lending)

11. Crypto Interest Account

bitcoin saving account

With the rise of Bitcoins, there are several investment options are coming into the market. One of those is the Crypto Interest account. It’s not different than the traditional saving account that you have with your bank.

Just as you open saving account in a bank and when you deposit money for a fixed amount of time, you get interested over the deposited money, Bitcoin Interest account is an online saving account where you can deposit your Bitcoins and get some interest after a fixed amount of time.

But keep in mind, always go with a reliable and trustworthy account provider otherwise you can lose your Bitcoins.

12. Completing Tasks on Websites

This option is close to the Bitcoin Faucets option where you have to complete some basic tasks to get rewarded with some satoshis. However, in this option, you have to complete more complicated tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos, data entry, and other time-consuming tasks. The best part of it is you earn way more than faucets.

There are many sites available online who pay in Bitcoins against completing their tasks.

13. Bitcoin Games

Do you a computer and mobile games. If yes then there is great news for you. While you are playing these games you can also earn Bitcoin. Many computer game providers reward you with Bitcoins when you complete their games. If you love to play games then this is a good option to pour your wallet with Bitcoin while enjoying your game.

14. Donations

Last but not least is donations. Donations have been one of a great way to earn a lot of money by providing your services to your followers or raising fund for some social work.

If you want to earn in BItcoins through Donations you can encourage your followers to donate in Bitcoins directly to your wallet address or you can use services like Bitpay to raise fund for non-profit works.

Summary: Top 14 Ways To Earn Bitcoin

Well, here were the top 14 ways to earn BItcoins today. However not all of them give you the good income but some of them such as trading, investing, lending, donations and providing services is a great way to make Bitcoin as your primary income.

If you are already using one of these options, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Your comment will help others to choose the best Bitcoin earning option.

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