Best Ways to find Bitcoin ATM Machine Near You

Best Ways to Find Bitcoin ATM Machine Near You

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2020)

We are encountering crypto revolution these days. With every passing day, cryptocurrencies are increasing their participation in the world economy. But still, the crypto transaction is not simpler like fiat currencies today. We have to depend on the fiat-crypto exchanges or peer-to-peer exchanges.

The disadvantage of crypto exchanges is they temporarily shut down due to the massive demands of cryptocurrencies. So what to do in that condition if you want to buy or sell your Bitcoins.

There are two ways

  • Using LocalBitcoins peer-to-peer exchange
  • Finding Bitcoin ATM near you

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In today’s article, I will show you how to find Bitcoin ATM near you and buy/sell Bitcoins with those ATMs.

Bitcoin ATMs are a new concept and not available in huge amount as fiat ATMs but with time the number will definitely increase. As crypto market analysts are saying the price of Bitcoin is going to skyrocket in 2020 Bitcoin ATMs will definitely be the future of money transactions.

Okay, let’s us know what is Bitcoin ATM.

What is Bitcoin ATM

These ATMs are just like fiat currency ATMs equipped with a teller machine where you need to enter your Bitcoin wallet public address and fiat money such as EUR, GBP or USD etc to buy BItcoins.

If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet public address or don’t want to enter that to the ATM then there is an option to generate a paper wallet for you. When you choose that option, Bitcoin ATM will generate a paper wallet filled with the value of Bitcoin against the amount of fiat currency.

Note: The paper wallet feature is an optional feature of Bitcoin ATMs and depends if the ATM support it. So always keep your Bitcoin public address handy.

Now you have the basic knowledge of Bitcoin ATMs its time to talk about how to find Bitcoin ATM near you?

How to Find Bitcoin ATM Near You?

When it comes to finding a Bitcoin ATM near you there are several websites and tools available online. but all of them these 2 are the best.

  • Coin ATM Radar
  • FindBitcoinATM

Let me introduce them to you one by one.

Coin ATM Radar

Coin ATM radar is a map-based service to help you to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM. They provide the details of Bitcoin ATM on the map so that you could easily navigate to the exact location.

And, the best part of this Coin ATM Radar has both Android and iOS applications that will help you to find Bitcoin ATMs on the go.

There are several  benefits of using Coin ATM Radar such as,

  • Its a map based ATM finder.
  • You can easily locate Bitcoin ATM near you.
  • This service will provide all the details about that particular Bitcoin ATM including Fees and limitations.
  • Better navigation them other similar services.

Coin ATM Radar provide you with all the details of the Bitcoin ATM such as

  • The fees and limitations
  • If it has the only withdrawal facility or you can also sell you Bitcoins and get fiat currency in return and other useful details.

Let’s explore the Coin ATM Radar…

There are 3 ways you can find the ATMs with Coin ATM Radar

  1. Bitcoin ATM By Address
  2. Bitcoin ATM By Country
  3. Bitcoin ATM by Producer

1. Bitcoin ATM By Address

When you open the app or the portal you will see several options to find the ATMs. The very first option is finding the ATM is through entering the address.

bitcoin atm by address

You will find this option near the bottom of the home page as a menu option in the app. With this option, you can find these ATMs more precisely.

As in this option, you are asked to put the city name or even the full address to get the more precise result its the best ways to find your nearest Bitcoin ATMs.

bitcoin atm newyork

2. Bitcoin ATM By Country

The second option is to find the ATM by country. There is a menu option available for the country wise search. You can click here to see the available countries, choose your country and the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Click on your country and you will get all the ATMs available in your country. Now choose an ATM near your location and you will get the address as well as the details of that particular ATM.

bitcoin atm by country

3. Bitcoin ATM by Producer

You can also find the ATMs by producers.

Producers are the service providers who own and manage the Bitcoin ATMs for you. They charge a nominal amount against the service they are providing to the Bitcoin users.

They are just like VISA and MasterCard companies. The only difference is they deal in Bitcoin and VISA etc deal in fiat currencies.

There are several Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM producers such as…

  • Genesis coins
  • General bytes
  • Lamassu
  • Bitaccess etc.

To find out the ATMs by producers you need to click on the producers menu in the main navigation menu of Coin ATM Radar.

bitcoin atm by prodcuer

When you click on the Producers menu, you can see the available producers. Now click on any of the producers and you will get the worldwide ATM map by that particular producer.

bitcoin producers


Another service that helps you track these ATMs near you is Find Bitcoin ATM. Unfortunately, this service only operates in Australia.

However, if your country is Australia this service help you a lot in finding the best Bitcoin ATMs near your location. The other feature of this service is you can also submit any ATM to help other people finding them.

You can also read and submit reviews and ratings to the ATM machines which help others to find the most reliable Bitcoin ATM in Australia.

find atm for bitcoins

Some other Bitcoin ATM locators that you can use to find Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ATMs are,

  • Bitcoin Depot
  • Local Coin ATM
  • Bitcoin ATM Map

Find Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Along with finding Bitcoin ATMs near you need to know some other useful information regarding them.

Such as…

  • Bitcoin ATMs can charge an exchange fee for fiat and Bitcoin exchange. Apart from the traditional fiat ATMs where generally you don’t pay for withdrawal, these ATMs will charge you a transaction fee. And if you buy Bitcoin against fiat money then the exchange fee also be charged by the Bitcoin.
  • In Coin ATM radar you will get all the details of a particular Bitcoin ATM including the exchange and transaction fees.
  • You should understand that these ATMs are not huge in numbers so you get trouble finding one if you live in a remote area or in a country where Bitcoin is banned.

Here are some useful articles regarding Bitcoin ATMs that you should read before transacting with an ATM.

  • Buying Bitcoins using ATM
  • Selling Bitcoins using ATM

If you are unable to find a Bitcoin ATM near you, there is an alternate way to exchange Bitcoin with fiat money ie; LocalBitcoins. Its a P2P Bitcoin exchange with buyers and seller in more than 240 countries.

  • Join Local Bitcoins

If you have used Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ATM before, share your experience in the comment section below so that others could get to know more about them.

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